Every Year LUIMO organises a triennial course in Homeopathic Medicine, based on study modules, which can be joined separately. To the 3rd Year it is added a 4th year of clinical practice. More info in the site. The next complete course will begin on January 2009.

After the end of the 63° Congress of the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis we have asked some question to dr. Ulrich Fischer concerning the future Liga activities. He kindly answered to our questions.

The LUIMO library has new arrivals

2 AIFA directors, the Italian agency for medicines, the General Director dr. Nello Martini and the vice-director dr. Caterina Gualano have been suspended for 2 month following an inquiry by the General Attorney dr Guariniello.

Prof. Antonio Negro is 100 years old! Happy birthday prof. Negro from LUIMO and every homeopath in the world!