...and for the Italian Republic Senate

We report here an extract from "notes on Miasmas" of the Prof. Proceso Sanchez Ortega, 1982

We have just received the n. 6 of the Homeopathic Heritage. This volume is largely dedicated to the homeopathic remedy, the laws regulating it, the medical implication of GMPs, security and efficacy.

We report integrally an article from DAMIEN CAVE appeared in the the New York Times, June 14, 2008 - MIAMI — From "Scarface" to "Miami Vice," Florida's drug problem has been portrayed as the story of a single narcotic: cocaine. But for Floridians, prescription drugs are increasingly a far more lethal habit.

For the first time in Italy the National institute for statistics (Istat) publishes the data concerning atmosphere emissions for the period 1990-2005.

The Italian Region Tuscany, will in the next future introduce Homeopathy, phytoterapy and acupunture among the medical practices to be considered in the assistence essential levels by the Health system.