Patient satisfaction and side effects in primary care: an observational study comparing homeopathy and conventional medicine.

The actual Financial crisis may produce pathology: The Homeopathic Materia Medica may help! A list of remedies and symptoms from the Homeopathic materia medica (it)

Homeopathy vol. 97 N. 3, July 2008

We have particularly loved:
Believing in order to understand: Hahnemann's hierarchisation of values.
Di JM Schmidt, Department of History of Medicine, University of Munich, Germany.

Vittorio Elia, professor of Chemistry at the "Federico II" University of Naples, Italy, is studying the properties of extremely diluted, potentized as in homeopathic remedies, solutions. He has discovered some unexpected properties of these solutions.

The Italian High Court of Justice (Corte di Cassazione), has recently confirmed the condemnation of a University professor for publishing a book with 2 chapters, without any citation of the authors, entirely copy/pasted from the thesis of two students (1).