obstructive chronic bronchopneumopathy, asthma, vascular and cardio circulatory diseases. Difficult choices of public medicine and politics.
The year 2009 for WHO will be the year of breath. The increase of carbon dioxide (CO2), fine particulates, smog in general, are determinants of a new, very high, respiratory diseases incidence, and deaths especially among children.

A study concerning a mammographic screen realized in Norway and recently published in the Archives of Internal Medicine(1), suggests that at least 1 on 5 cases of breast cancer may spontaneously regress.

Informed consent and clinical file. In 1985 LUIMO organized in Ischia, an International Forum concerning the relationship among Homeopathic Medicine practice, the medical deontology code and the European law.

We have received

Homeopatia, vol. 73 n. 3 del 2008, journal of the Argentina homeopathic medical association.

seriously challenged by scientific research: press release of Liga Homoeopathica and ECH
As we have already announced in our 28 October newsletter, the recent article by Lüdtke and Rutten on the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology (1) , which analyzes and scientifically and seriously challenge the basis of the method used by Shang et al. (2) (Lancet 2005) to support their conclusions on Homeopathy effectiveness (Homeopathy would equals placebo).