from Rinaldo Octavio Vargas – sociologist

In the modern social imaginary, the physician figure has represented a "objective, scientific & neutral subject". The physician himself shows the tendency to conceive himself in these terms. For an existentialist & sociologist interested in post-modern societies, like me, it seems more realistic to picture the physician as figure related to other figures in a context, as it happens in any human existence.

Mario Coltorti, the man, the physician who has enlightened Italian science contributing to the knowledge of liver pathophysiology and to the identification of transaminases, died in the night between Friday the 2nd and Saturday the 3rd of January.

Under the emblematic title "Homeopathy Timeless Quality", the 64th LMHI Congress will be held at Warsaw, Poland, from 26th to 30th August 2009. The Congress is organized by the Polish Homeopathy Society, founded in 1892.

Recently, we have signaled in our news the article "Believing in order to understand: Hahnemann's hierarchisation of values », by Professor JM Schmidt, Department of the History of Medicine, Munich University, Germany, published on Homeopathy vol. 97 N. 3, July.

The epidemic genius of this flu, or "para-flu" state, called "Australian" or intestinal rotavirus infection, has similar characteristics to those of the last two years.