Homeopathic Heritage International vol. 34 n. 1 e 2.

The number is dedicated to geriatric diseases. B. Basu, Homeopathic approach to Geriatrics; G. R. Arora , Health problems of the aged; A. Singh, Geriatrics (the role of Homeopathy) all describe the individual biological modification during ageing, the general approach and aims of the Homeopathic treatment of the acute and chronic state as well for the person wellbeing.

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The Homeopathic Heritage International. Vol. 33 n.12 2008.

Ample coverage has been given in this number to pathologies of the thyroid, and to their person-specific cure. Articles appearing are: Farokh J. Master's, Coping with Thyroiditis; S. K. Banerjea's, A Case of Hyperthyroidism Cured; and B. Basu's, A Phenomenological Study of Thyroidinum, and the Materia Medica of Iodum. Furthermore, in the case study section, there are:

On the 5th of February, The XII Commission Hygiene and Health of the Italian Senate, at the presence of its President Sen. Tomassini, its vice-President Sen. Bosone, have heard some important Italian Schools of Homeopathic Medicine: SIMOH, Scuola Italiana di Medicina Omeopatica Hahnemanniana, IRMSO, Istituto di Ricerca Medico-Scientifica Omeopatica representing at the same time the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis, and LUIMO

by Rinaldo Octavio Vargas – sociologist BD

The post-ideological dream
Nowadays a collective euphoria spins around a magic rationalism that promises to dissolve the traditional oppositions that have defined medicine in previous eras: art to science, mind to body, idiosyncrasy to general pattern, reductionist mechanism to holistic inclusiveness.