The next May 17th the Swiss people will vote for Complementary Medicine. Since 2005 several grouped association has politically insisted to bring Switzerland to a Referendum to vote a Constitutional article considering « complementary medicines » inside the health service policy of the Swiss confederation.

Dr. Adele Alma Rodriguez

The last 15th of March the husband of one of my patients, who I have never seen before, called me by phone, asking me to help him. He was suffering for 10 days from a really unbearable jaw pain. He went to the neurologist who prescribed a MRI, hypothesizing a trigeminal neuralgia. The prescription was Tegretol, two compresses per day.

Dr. Adele Alma Rodriguez

What arises from this winter medical experience? Which were the modifications of the acute winter diseases?

from Daily Express, 15/04/2009

A daily dose of aspirin can cause bleeding in the brain, researchers have found. Brain scans on more than 1,000 patients revealed a 70 per cent higher incidence of microscopic bleeding among those taking the drug.

We receive the announcment from prof. Antonio Giuditta of the Naples University, and with pleasure we publish it and invite collegues to participate. This year speeches on Homeopathy,