LUIMO is proud to present the first volume of its Materia Medica. The materia medica is a reasoned text organised for learning Homeopathic medicine. The main reference of the Materia medica is the Materia Medica of Jahr.

Society for Scientific Exploration

8th European Meeting
"Frontiers of Biology and Contemporary Physics"

Vincenzo Rocco - Last April the 30th the Patients Rights Court and the Chronic Patients Associations have contributed to the actual discussion on the regulation of Non Conventional Medicines (NCMs), presently in discussion at the Italian Senate XII Commission. The associations left a written note we wish to comment.

Homeopathy vol 98 N. 2, 2009

Cardigno P. Homeopathy for the treatment of menstrual irregularities: a case series. Dr. Cardigno reports the description of 18 cases of menstrual irregularities Amenorrhea (AM), oligo - amenorrhea and oligo-menorrhea treated with Homeopathic Medicine.

With 67% of votes in favor, the Swiss Constitution, yesterday, has been changed to include Complementary Medicines among the choices the Public Health system has to take into consideration for public health programs.