Dr. Adele Alma Rodriguez

What arises from this winter medical experience? Which were the modifications of the acute winter diseases?

Can we really compare the temperatures of a century ago to those of nowadays? Is there anything more or less or qualitatively different in our lives? Hygiene, nutrition, work tools, the way we organize our day off, our family, our friendships, and finally our diseases and health state that we do not really know today what they mean?
Only one thing for us Homeopathic physicians has never changed: the homeopathic remedy, that remedy proved on the healthy and producing unmistakable pathogeneses, from generation to generation, analogous to the sufferance of every living being, in primis to the human one.
Atmospheric changes, lifestyles, have not modified the energetic "simila" power of the ultramolecular remedy, when the method to select the substances and the preparation method is completely respected.
Many years ago, the importance of the ultramolecular remedy, made me smile, better laugh; I was thinking on chemistry and biochemistry! But now I say to myself that answers arrive by themselves!
At that time, my Masters, dr. Martin Kelber and dr. Ernesto Bravo, gave me some globules which produced on me different effects.... they told me that what I assumed was Sulfur 200K, one of the homeopathic remedies that have shown many symptoms!
But my surprise did not finished just after I got the pathogenetic answer; my Masters told me that those globules came from a pharmacy that 50 years before was homeopathic!
Naturally, every of those experiences seemed to me paradoxical, my pathogenetic symptoms disappeared in the opposing direction of their appearance......
I got so much passionate that I continued to experiment: Aconitum, Belladonna, Bryonia, Ipeca and many others that .... as Hahnemann tell us, gave me more strength and healthiness.
Those ultramolecular potencies of different drugs bettered my health state... but, my thoughts were, what may happen with the clinical experiment?
Experiment on ill people suffering many different pathologies?
Different drugs that, during the years, change as the name of the diseases?
All these questions crowded my thoughts while pharmacological discoveries reached pharmacists and physicians. And, on the contrary, I was continuously experimenting "dynamized water" with the name of a substance/drug!

The epidemic genius changes every year, as viruses, bacteria and other infectious agents change ... every one of these to be discovered to prevent and cure.....
The epidemic genius, a word coined by Homeopathic medicine, corresponds to the coherence of its timeless experimental and clinical method .... (whereas the true problem interfering with its correct knowledge is essentially medical education).
These brief thoughts arose from the experience of these last winter months which had drag .............. the so called flu, already from last summer, and before from the two winters ago .... evolutionary pathological states following "le terrain" and circumstances.
As I had already have been able to identify, Ipeca has been and actually still is, in many similar cases, one of the most important remedies of the genius. But Sulphur too, sharing with Ipeca similar nausea and diarrhea but differing at the level of general symptoms.
The pathogenetic and clinical study acknowledge how environmental agents and changes may influence our health, already very much modified by personal and social circumstances due to modern times evolution.
Identifying the epidemic genius lead us to better see and understand our patients, and even if they do not correspond to the Ipeca and Sulphur states, this identification will give us the opportunity to treat them with remedies bearing to the same sphere of these last two.
What I want to say? We know that every remedy, correctly indicated by analogy in acute states, whatever they are epidemic or from chronic reaction, while acting, ameliorates the health state, gives prevention.
In this last, winter finishing period, flu states may show gastro-intestinal characteristics worse than those respiratory and rheumatic. In this cases Antimonium crudum, has acted quite well .
When, by contrast, the characteristics are more pronounced at the respiratory, rheumatic and throat level: Eupatorium perfoliatum, Belladonna, Aconitum, Bryonia have acted well. In acute from chronic reaction I have attentively followed the individual.
In the Scientific documentation section the Jahr Materia Medica (in Italian) has been added, to be a useful guide for neophytes and experts.