On the 5th of February, The XII Commission Hygiene and Health of the Italian Senate, at the presence of its President Sen. Tomassini, its vice-President Sen. Bosone, have heard some important Italian Schools of Homeopathic Medicine: SIMOH, Scuola Italiana di Medicina Omeopatica Hahnemanniana, IRMSO, Istituto di Ricerca Medico-Scientifica Omeopatica representing at the same time the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis, and LUIMO

The speeches were very complementary.
Dr. Salvi for SIMOH stressed the affiliation of Homeopathic Medicine to that complex system of thinking and activities that is called Medicine. Therefore, respect the meaning and the significance of Medicine, it is necessary, inside a regulation law, to define appropriately what Homeopathy is and what it is not. Moreover she underlined the importance to well educate a physician in Homeopathy trough a sufficient number of hours of theoretical and practical teaching (at least 500 hundred hours of lessons plus 150 hours of practice). Finally dr. Salvi suggested precaution in ordering by law to integrate different therapies and medical systems. She remembered to the audience that important adverse events may be produced by medicines associations, therefore suggesting a strong reflection of the Parliament on the theme of integration.

Dr. Pietro Gulia from IRMSO, indicated, that together with the Homeopathic Medicine definition it is necessary to define what is a homeopathic remedy. The homeopathic remedy is a substance that, experimented on a health person, is, following the Similia Principle, administered to a ill person. Dr. Gulia has reaffirmed that only the proof on the health person defines the properties of homeopathic substances, and that products based on substances mix cannot be defined homeopathic.

Finally dr. Rodriguez, reaffirming the LUIMO tuning with the above speeches, has solicited the Commission to take into consideration the need to recognize the well-known private structures. Those structures, that till now have educated thousands of physicians and own the competences to give clinical training. Presently, has stressed dr. Rodriguez, although University shows an increased sensibility toward homeopathy, it is still not able to guarantee a sufficient experimental and clinical experience (the entire speech, in Italian, may be found here).

At the end of the speeches, Sen. D'Ambrosio Lettieri, secretary of the Commission, has, in the last 10 minutes remained, asked some questions to the attendees. Synthetically Sen. D'Ambrosio Lettieri asked to verify the levels of evidence of Homeopathy and signaled the potential conflict of interests between the teaching of Homeopathy and the pharmaceutical industry. Since time was over, the attendees will send written answers to the Commission. LUIMO will publish them as soon as they will be available.