LUIMO is proud to present the first volume of its Materia Medica. The materia medica is a reasoned text organised for learning Homeopathic medicine. The main reference of the Materia medica is the Materia Medica of Jahr.

However other important integration of symptoms deriving from, Chiron, Duprat, Allen, Kent, Gallavardin, von Lippe were added to Jahr. When it was found, with a system of colours are indicated symptoms deriving from the proving, confirmed into the clinics, or symply clinical symptoms, so that the reader can have a supplementary element to evaluate a specific symptom in the context of a case analysis. Furthermore, two more sections are added at the end of the book. The first section include a comparison of remedies showing the most important mind symptoms deriving from the Kent Repertory, as they were expressed in different materiae medicae. The second section is a table of about 7 thousand clinical cases from the LUIMO experience comparing the reason for the visit and the first remedy given. The text is in Italian.