Dr. Adele Alma Rodriguez

The last 15th of March the husband of one of my patients, who I have never seen before, called me by phone, asking me to help him. He was suffering for 10 days from a really unbearable jaw pain. He went to the neurologist who prescribed a MRI, hypothesizing a trigeminal neuralgia. The prescription was Tegretol, two compresses per day.

The MRI indicated the presence of a voluminous mucous pseudo-cyst of the left maxillary sinus.
After the MRI, the neurologist confirmed the prescription, and reassured the patient telling him that, to be cured, he had to take Tegretol for at least 5 years.
By phone the patient told me, very much worried about the neurologist's prescription, his symptoms (the case is described in the clinical cases section).
I did prescribe Belladonna 200K in plus and MK (1000K) in plus. Pain disappeared, swarming disappeared.
This is what "fresh water" - as called by Prof. Garattini – does.
Now, after more than one month, the patient feels well (and he had to take Tegretol for 5 years!) How many other diseases would have appeared if the secondary effects of Tegretol are correct? Homeopathic Medicine experiments on the healthy man, in ultramolecular doses - "fresh water" - and cures through the analogy between the dynamic individuality of the patient expressing the suffered symptoms, and those the Belladonna prover has shown.
Homeopathic Medicine is able, experimentally and clinically, to objectify the patient's own suffering, through an ultramolecular unique remedy, no matter what the name of the diagnosed disease, it is the same for everybody.....
The case shows very well the potent action of the unique individualized remedy on the patient, rather than that of a drug merely acting on a disease.
Dear allopathic colleagues, it is necessary to know before judging ......especially when starting from paradigms in opposition to those of Homeopathic medicine.
Certainly, medicine is one, but the patients are many and all different, in health and in every disease state.
Many thanks to Mr. James Pannozzi, providing english translation support.