Interview to dr. Renzo Galassi vice-president of the Liga Medicorum Homoeopatica.
Dear dr. Galassi, it is a great honour for Italians that you have been nominated Vice-president of the LIGA. We take advantage of your position to ask you some commentary on the condition of Homeopathy trough the world and Italy.

Dear Vincenzo, I do not know if this is an honour for the Italians, me to be the Liga Vice president (there are many people more skilled than I am) certainly I know that for me this is an important task and an important honour. I'm trying to accomplish this task after having being vice president for Italy for six years and general secretary of the Liga for three.

The theme of the Liga congress in India last year was "Homeopathy for public health". How was it ?
Very good Congress, it had an enormous success of public. There were more than 2000 delegates, with a large proportion of young people, physicians and students. The quality of the papers was very high, due to the strong development of Homeopathy in India in the last years. In India homeopathic medicine is officially recognized , there is a Ministry for non conventional medicines and there are Homeopathic hospitals and Universities all around the country.

2. Which are the goals of Liga for 2012?
Every year we have to support the realisation of the LIGA world congress, that this year will be realised in Japan, in September. As indicated in the Liga statute, we will try to ensure the communication among the 70 nations affiliated to Liga. We will operate to give cultural and political support to the countries that need it. When we are called we travel all around the world to give support. We are elaborating new important documents for the development of our medicine. Personally, I'm trying to set up groups of working people in every area of the activity of our society. These working groups have the aim to support the general secretaries in their activity of research and development of new projects.

Is there new data on Homeopathic Medicine diffusion?
Probably there is new data about it but I do not work on the subject, so I cannot answer to the question.

What is the role of Liga in the relations with world institutions as WHO and UNICEF?
We act as consultants when we are asked for.

To obtain a National recognition of an Homeopathic training seems to be a very difficult task in Italy and in other EU countries. On the other side other countries as I India and Brazil governments accept Homeopathy as a useful tool for the physician, and the certification is recognized. What Homeopaths and Liga can do to ameliorate the understanding of the social usefulness of Homeopathy and therefore accelerate its recognition?
I think the first duty of homeopaths is to train themselves adequately culturally and clinically. The Liga try to support with all its forces these recognition needs, as the recent document for the training of the homeopathic doctor. However, to be recognized does not depend on our will, but from the political will of our government leaders. It is up to them to decide if it is the moment or not to insert Homeopathy in the public health or not.

Tuscany regional government has introduced in the public health system some CAM's. One of them is Homeopathy. It is clear that in Italy there is a great discrepancy in opportunities if a patient wish to use CAM, depending on the area she/he is living. Which is your perception of the homeopathic offer in Italy?
Homeopathy is, as defined by Samuel Hahnemann, "the art of healing". On the basis of this definition a regional law it is not enough to guarantee an acceptable offer to patients. By contrast it is important to find physicians with a profound knowledge and pre-disposition to apply the healing principles offered by Homeopathy. So, it is not the fact that a Region support publicly Homeopathy that can ameliorate the quality of the homeopathic offer, no more than the private one. I have to say however that the level of the homeopathic doctors in Italy is quite good and adequate, with some excellences.

In Italy most of the economic imbalance of local governments arises from the Health system. How Homeopathy may contribute to reduce this economic imbalance and help to ameliorate the health status of the population?
Homeopathy is a low cost medicine, surely less expensive than allopathic medicine. At the same time it offers a very high level of cure and prevention for its users. By consequence the use of Homeopathy might really help Regional economic imbalances, if integrated in the public health system. I wish however for Homeopathy to be integrated in the health system depending on its enormous theoretical and practical possibilities, not only because it is less expensive than the conventional one.

Renzo Galassi is the president of the Accademia di Medicina Omeopatica Hahnemanniana Marchigiana di Macerata. He learned Homeopathy at LUIMO and later went to Mexico under the guide of dr. Proceso Sanchez Ortega. Since 2007 is the vice-president of the Liga Medicorum Homeopatica Internationalis.