Monday, 11 novermbre 15.00 - 20.00 at the Registered LUIMO , . Dr. Domenico De Carlo , LUIMO held the seminar : Eros : the word in the mirror.

Hahnemann tells us that the disease is a condition of the life force , that is a particular form of Eros / Pathos . For Western culture , eros is the desire , expresses the attraction to something, for the Greeks also indicated that animates the cosmos as the generative force that binds and unites the various aspects of life.
An ancient medieval tradition identified eros with the imagination and presented him as a thin body of the sensitive soul that receives the image of the objects and , combined with the pathos and feeling connected to them , goes to form what we say are the memory. We read in Plato : " ... when a man , after receiving , by the sight or by any other way , the objects of the opinion of the speech, somehow sees within himself the images of these objects ...". So eros leads us to desire the object of pleasure or , in some way, they evoke the memory every time something similar impresses us the sensorium and penetrates our consciousness. Neuroscience ratification everything said and tells us that our emotions pass through the sensory experience and produce the activation of centers and receptors in the brain ( hypothalamus and Libyan lobe that form the paleo brain) that crystallize and clump form of sensory memory . Based on these concepts will be clarified the ontological foundation of identity through the study of Hahnemann in paragraph no. 7 Organon where the master asserts the identity between essence and existence