Mario Coltorti, the man, the physician who has enlightened Italian science contributing to the knowledge of liver pathophysiology and to the identification of transaminases, died in the night between Friday the 2nd and Saturday the 3rd of January.

Mario was a simple and direct man, and all during his life has battled for a more human Medicine, able to integrate all the aspects of human existence in the analysis of a specific state of disease. His directness and his moral and scientific rightness, often impelled him to take positions, even in the University world, which were very unconventional. In the last years, his interest in medicine was oriented toward some aspects linked to diagnostic and therapeutic abuses; his last seminar at the Interuniversity Committee of Bioethics Research, was on the "treatment at all cost" mentality.
Mario Coltorti had became a friend of LUIMO. His research on humanized medicine and his interest in integrating social-cultural and psychological patient aspects inspired him to become interested in Homeopathy. With Mario our relationship has ever been full of comprehension about the final aims of Medicine and of reciprocal respect in the differences of opinions. For those reasons he became a member of the LUIMO Interdisciplinary Scientific Committee. With Mario we were organizing some 2009 seminars to discuss the relation between the present tendencies of allopathic compared to Homeopathic clinics within the perspective of person oriented medicine. For all Science and Medicine, Mario's loss is immense.

Dr. Adele Alma Rodriguez, LUIMO President