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Homeopatia, vol. 73 n. 3 del 2008, journal of the Argentina homeopathic medical association.

The journal opens on a clinical note from Juan Carlos Pellegrino on individual resistance to allopathic drug suppression, The homeopathic personality of Opium (M. Draiman), an analysis of the actual medical system as a tool of domination and control by (E. A. Yahbes) and finally an epidemic genius analysis of the possible avian flu, based on the study of the symptoms of the Spanish flu in 1918, with the proposal of a number of potentially useful remedies (M. Muller).

The Homeopathic Heritage International, Vol. 33, No. 10, 2008.
The number is dedicated to haemorrhoids treatment (S. Chaukkar), ulcerative colitis and diverticulitis (F. Bodman), homeopathic management and diets in IBS (F. J. Master and V.V. Sharma). Historical and present reflections on LM potencies by David Little. Other articles from R. Petrucci on children repertorization and B. Basu on Allen's keynotes organization. Finally a reflection of C. N. Shukla on the effects of having onlookers during the Homeopathic interview.