Last Tuesday 27th of September, Jeremy Sherr has given a beautiful seminar summarizing his experiences on provings and clinics during his more than thirty-year career as a homeopath. Born in South Africa, he has settled in Israel and later in the United States and England. Over the past six years Sherr dedicated himself to create different homeopathic treatment centers against AIDS in Tanzania. The seminar took place on two fronts. In the first part Sherr told about his experiments with new substances. Certainly, his way to see the experimentation on the healthy as a journey into the properties of the substance / the person is very impressive, and for anyone having realized a proving is really an enlightening definition. Because, to auto-observe the effects of substances,  is a way to take contact with ourselves, to discover the functions that in our "being subjective" usually we cannot grasp, and that only provings reveal. It is a way to realize the wise saying Socratic "know thyself".

The second part of his seminary has focused on the Homeopathy for Africa initiative. To choose Africa for Sherr was a way to give back to the world what homeopathy has given him. He established by his own means and friends aid - including in Italy the Cemon - a homeopathic clinic at the base of Kilimanjaro mountain, and began to treat people with AIDS. Just a small hospital, a pharmacy, volunteers and local staff. An experience that began with the opposition of Big Pharma that did not want to have competitors. To avoid getting into conflict Sherr declared they just would try to complement allopathic treatments to reduce symptoms and side effects. The clinic was a success with over 7000 people treated and increasing expansion of small treatment centers. This small summary, in the coming days will be complemented with the full seminar you will follow from our video library.