Interview to Roberto Petrucci, director of the Centro di Omeopatia in Milan
The economy crisis has reached Europe and Italy in particular. Anxiety insecurity, sometimes fear may be common reactions in this period. You work in Milan, that in some way is an antenna of Italians behaviour.

Did you observed new symptoms linked to this crisis in your patients?Surely in many people there is an increase in the anxiety for the future, for lack of money, for job positions but in many cases this is a completely justified anxiety, and therefore we cannot give to these symptoms a homeopathic significance. In the last two years it is certainly increased the number of patients that have decided to abandon homeopathic therapy for economical reasons. However, I have to precise my statement. There are two categories of patients to consider: those having chronic problems on the one side and patients, especially children, using homeopathy almost exclusively for acute problems. In the first group very often the homeopathic therapy is less expensive than the conventional one. Therefore, especially if the National Health System does not provide for the conventional therapy, these patients continue to will to be treated with Homeopathy. In the second group sometime parents prefer to come back to conventional therapy (antibiotics), distributed by the NHS, and save money, at least on the cost of the consultation.

You travel Europe and the world to teach Homeopathy, may you tell us if in Europe people feel similarly as in Italy?
My last seminar in 2011 in Buenos Aires occurred during the Berlusconi government. At that time the comments of people were toward the "Cavaliere" and how Italians may have choose him as a chief. The comments were very often jokes oriented to poke fun at our country. When I starter to teach abroad the comments were about mafia, pizza and mandolin, and recently the comments were not better.....Anyway to answer to the question, I have to say that the feelings of people in Europe were very much divided between countries since actual problems are very much dependent on the country past history. The comments of people from Latvia, Czech republic, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania were different from Germans, Belgians, Swedish, English.

In the next future you will give a Seminar on Love and Hate. Does this choice depend on the actual condition of the world?
Love and Hate ever existed, I do not believe that the actual condition of the world, from this point of view, it is different from past times. Often I do decide to give a seminar on the basis of the data in my hands. And the best Materia Medica I do have comes from my personal experience with my patients. In the last years I collected, from this point of view, some very much significant cases. This is the reason why I do think that "Love and Hate" might be a good seminar to give in Italy and abroad for 2012.

What kind of incidence can have a social/economic crisis on people health? Is it possible to think about an epidemic genius?
In this period I do not believe we can speak about "epidemic genius", but more simply about a higher sensibility of some constitutional types, which show more concerns than others.

During the last Argentina economic crisis, the late dr. Zalman Jaime Bronfman, wrote a book on the relationship of man with money in the Homeopathic Materia Medica. Do you agree with the analysis or you believe people in different places behave differently?
Mito (Bronfman) was a dear friend and his book is very interesting since he integrated known data with his clinical experience. Argentinians and Italians are not very much different. By contrast other people may effectively have a different relationship with regards to money. This however does not orient a remedy to live the problem in another way; instead, some cultural aspects can fade away or accentuate some characteristics. At the end of the day we have to ask to ourselves if this symptom is very much peculiar to the patient and by consequence to decide which is the relative weight we have to attribute to it.

The Italian government seems to have declared war to tax evasion. Following statistics about ¼ of the GDP is subtracted to fiscal control. This tendency to evade taxation seems to be a characteristic of a good part of the Italians, as there was a sort of rejection of legality and honesty. On a Homeopathic plan how do you evaluate these behaviours, a cultural, constitutional or miasmatic tract?
I think it is essentially a cultural tract; constitution enters exactly on the opposing way: people that are constitutionally very much concerned with their sense of duty; for those people not to pay taxes is intolerable, but these constitutions are more and more rare.

What do you suggest to your fellow citizens to afford more fairly this objectively difficult moments?
Knowing it would be better to candidate oneself to the Parliament.....all joking aside, I believe that the support of your remedy it is always welcome, and therefore I suggest to take an appointment with a homeopathic doctor. To homeopaths I do suggest to study and apply themselves to relieve the pains of our Country.