The epidemic genius of this flu, or "para-flu" state, called "Australian" or intestinal rotavirus infection, has similar characteristics to those of the last two years.

Every year the virus/viruses associated to it, are called with different names following their origin, antigenic variability, genome mutations.
In contrast to those definitions, in Homeopathic Medicine, it is of use to translate the epidemic genius in series of symptoms similar and predominant in many patients. These symptoms appear in patients in different sequences.

The experience of these last three years has revealed macroscopically common symptoms like:
- Diarrhea with abdominal pain;
- Mucus with throat pain;
- Dry or congested cough with a bronchia or bronco-pulmonary implications;
- Otalgia more or less intense;
- Nose obstruction, with or without dense or liquid secretions, making breathing difficult;
- Bone or muscular pain in different body places;
- those states with fever at different degrees;

Now, what has permitted to individualize the flu cure and show the epidemic genius to prevent and cure in this beginning of winter?
Ipeca 6LM, Antimonium tartaricum 6LM, Sulphur 6LM, e Antimonium crudum, Belladonna 200K e 6LM, Mercurius 6LM, Aconitum 6LM,.

Ipeca, the most important to my experience this year at the beginning of the season, has shown symptom series in different cases:
- abrupt uncomforting with joint pain;
- aversion to food and weakness;
- sensitivity to too much cold or too much heat;
- diarrhea and also vomiting;
- coriza with nose obstruction;
- concomitant to vomit, violent itch in arms and thighs better after vomiting ;
- fever with cold hands, feet, ears, cold perspiration without thirst or just after the fever pussée;
- clean tongue or just a little white;
- cry and scream in the night – irritable – impatient
- Headache with vomit, touching the front, painful positions;
- Dilated pupils;
- Pale, yellowish face;
- Labia: aft
- Mouth and throat: salivation, white tongue, swollen throat with hypertrophic tonsil ;
- Stomach: nausea and vomiting with ailments and epigastric swelling – pressure ;
- Diarrheic feces as fermented;
- Colic with nausea, vomit and diarrhea;
- Larynx : dry cough with headache and stomach pain as for a larynx tickle, implicating bronchia too ;
- Tiring cough with suffocating accesses ;
- Breast : in some cases, spasmodic asthma with laryngeal contraction;
- Wheeze breath and short breath

Other cases with symptoms requiring a different remedy

Other cases, adults and children, in which there was an abrupt repeated and violent diarrhea.
Sulphur 6LM Dynamis, 30 drops in 250ml of natural water, I use half of a ½ liter bottle of water, to facilitate dynamisation, 9 times ritmically from down to up, a sip each hour, diminishing repetition when going better (in plus remedy administration)

Antimonium tartaricum when there is a respiratory implication with nearly suffocating mucus and asthmatic breathing.

Belladonna 200K, 30 drops in 250ml of water, dinamizing 9 times, a sip every hour, in the case of a violent headache, red face, fever, hot body and cold hands.
In my winter starting experience, the epidemic genius, till now has shown Ipeca, Sulphur and Antimonium tartaricum.

Much more attention to chronic cases where flu symptoms appear. Chronic cases in epidemic states are the most difficult to treat but, with attention and a remedy at a time in water, not only we resolve the interference of the epidemic state, but we proceed toward the chronic state healing
In fact, if we follow correctly Hering's law and observe symptoms direction, even in a chronic subject, in this period, the organism request corresponds to the eliminatory road.
Moreover it is necessary to take into account that the large majority of cases that come to our attention are cases with more than one pathology and pharmacologically treated. Therefore the person is seriously intoxicated. But most important for the homeopaths, those treatments have deviated the subject energy impeding it to realize its repairing work.

On the LUIMO site we are collecting the clinical symptoms from this period acute cases. All the medical colleagues wanting to participate to the individuation of the epidemic genius of this period, may send to our Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo., their cases. More cases we will individuate, more clear will be the epidemic genius and precise our prescriptions.

To better clarify the epidemic genius importance, I do invite the colleagues to read my speech on prevention in Homeopathic Medicine at the Forum "Should vaccinations be a compulsory or free choice? »

I have to tank every day God, which let me encounter Homeopathy, through my Master dr. Martin Kelber. A medicine that gave me more than the ultramolecular remedy, gave sense to my life of women, wife, doctor, teacher and researcher.

This short writing is dedicated to all those physicians that come to our lessons and suffer not to get out from their intellectual inhabits – mind – that impeach them to develop all their possibilities.

A good way to study more profoundly the Ipeca pathogenesis and its characteristics is to read E. B. Nash.

Adele Alma Rodriguez