We receive the announcment from prof. Antonio Giuditta of the Naples University, and with pleasure we publish it and invite collegues to participate. This year speeches on Homeopathy,

to the Eight European SSE Meeting "Frontiers of Biology and Contemporary Physics"
(the first SSE meeting in Italy).
Viterbo; August 13-16, 2009
The Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) is a professional organization of scientists and scholars who study unusual and unexplained phenomena. Subjects often cross mainstream boundaries, such as consciousness, ufos, and alternative medicine, yet often have profound implications for human knowledge and technology. All topics amenable to scientific inquiry are welcome
Dear reader, let me believe that you are a typical SSE member potentially interested in attending our meeting. Then, it would soon be my pleasure to call your attention well beyond the venue of the congress and its nearby cultural and culinary attractions. They are quite well known, and do not need to be mentioned here, except to remind people of the many additional Italian town and resorts that usually receive far less publicity.
What are more relevant are the main goals we are hoping to achieve when people from Europe will get together to present, listen and discuss some of the cultural problems confronting humanity. We all know that the topics addressed receive little or no attention by official science, but we are also convinced that they deserve at least as much attention. Indeed, in my opinion, they are touching what might be called the "anomalous" properties of the human mind. Hence, there can be no real progress in understanding the nature, origin and role of mind, if these features are to be left under the carpet, following the opinion of starchy believers in materialism who decided to leave this problem to feeble-minded people.
The relationship of the human mind with the material world has long been, and still is, one of the most pressing cultural problems that we may now approach with scientific methods. A correct solution of this problem will hopefully unify our current diverging views of matter and mind, and will presumably lead to a revolutionary change in existing scientific paradigms. Most notably, it will provide deeper knowledge of our own nature and of the basic commitments that bind us with our fellow men and with the earth we inhabit. Such knowledge may prove a relevant contribution to our survival.
As a desirable step toward this goal, the meeting will approach specific issues that are positioned at several levels of complexity, from basic issues up to epistemological and philosophical considerations. In virtual sketchy progression, they deal with physico-chemical features of homeopathic water (1), simultaneous responses of separated cultures of neurons (2), psychokinetic phenomena (3 and 4), mysterious lights crossing Norwegian skies (5), biological effects of earth-bound cosmic particles (6), up to scientific verification of astrological assumptions (7), identification of past pan European physical and spiritual paths (8), considerations of the complexity of living beings (9) and of the concept of wholeness (10). To place such diverse issues in a unifying frame, meeting participants are encouraged to present their current views of the nature, origin, and role of mind in an open forum with invited speakers.
So, dear reader, these are the aims and hopes of the meeting. What follows are additional explanatory notes. Let me wish you all my best, and the hope to see you in Italy in middle August (Ferragosto for Italian crowds; Feriae Augusti for ancient Roman crowds cheering emperor Augustus)
From Antonio, of the program committee.
(1) Vittorio Elia, chemist of the University of Naples Federico II, will describe the anomalous properties displayed by water after its treatment with the same procedures used for the preparation of homeopathic drugs. Differences from bidistilled water reflect the formation of organized water domains, similar to the dissipative structures of living organisms, and obeying laws of irreversible processes.
(2) Rita Pizzi, physicist of Milan University will discuss the electrical behavior of separated cultures of neurons kept under well protected Faraday cages. When one culture is activated by laser light, both cultures display similar responses. This may be reproduced by activation of the laser circuit, despite the extremely low intensity of the generated magnetic and electric fields.
(3) Massimo Biondi, an expert of PK studies, will produce additional evidence of non-recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis (NR-SPK). These phenomena are characterized by the occurrence of anomalous physical events perceived by a person at a time critical conditions develop to the detriment (occasionally even to the death) of a remote individual related to the first person by emotional bonds.
(4) Antonio Giuditta, physiologist of the University of Naples Federico II, will summarize PK experiments made a century ago in the Physiology Institute of the same University by Prof. Bottazzi and his colleagues, while studying the performance of the medium Eusapia Palladino. The data are of interest as PK movements were recorded, and also in view of Bottazzi's hypothesis that they were due to the medium projection of a virtual arm endowed with motor and sensory capacities, and controlled by her own mind.
(5) Björn Hauge, physicist, will present his recent spectroscopic studies of the misterious moving lights that have been moving over Hessdalen valley in Norway since more than a century. Their intense radiation is thought to reflect the presence of strong electromagnetic fields, comparable to those leading to lightning discharge.
(6) Alexander Trofimov, Director of ISRICA, Novosibirsk, Russia, will outline biological effects induced by drastic reduction of the earth magnetic field, and its consequent increment in the flow of cosmic protons and electrons. In view of the marked reduction, and even inversion, of the geomagnetic field during philogenetic times, these effects might have played a relevant role during biological evolution.
(7) Edgar Wunder, Professor at Heidelberg University, will present the results of an experiment made with 26 astrologists and 1700 subjects on the possibility of testing the main astrological assumption that astral relations correspond to earthly relations. This assumption may be examined under rigorous scientific standards, but the test success will also imply failure of the assumpion.
(8) Paul Devereux, a scholar of spirituality in ancient people, will use multimedial means to present and discuss the many real and virtual paths of dead people spirits that criss-cross Europe. The paths were identified by European forefathers and were recaptured by divinatory medieval practices. These believes are thought to be vestiges of archaic paneuropean traditions.
(9) Vasileios Basios, phisicist of Bruxelles University, will examine the meaning of complex order prevailing in living organisms and human mind, and will suggest to preliminarly proceed to a critical survey of our major epistemological prejudices before moving toward a convincing vew of reality.
(10) Emilios Bouratinos, philosopher born in Greece, but likely to be considered a "Greek philosopher" in view of his world view not dissimilar from that of more ancient philosophers from his native land, will lead us to the rediscovery of the concept of wholeness, which he defines as the fifth force of nature, in view of its unreplaceable value in molding radical improvements in our own life and way of thinking..
Titles and abstracts of contributed papers from SSE members and non-members (if sponsored by an SSE member) are to be written in English in a form accessible to a wide audience. They should be sent by email before May 15, 2009 to Antonio Giuditta (Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.), chairman of the program Committee. To register (90€ fee until the end of May; 120€ at later times), send an email to Ulisse Di Corpo (Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.). Hotel reservations are to be made directly at the hotel Domus La Quercia, a restructured 14th century monastery, Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo., tel. +39-0761-33731. Full board per person per day, 70€ for a double room, 80€ for a single room. For additional information, see Viterbo meeting website www.sintropia.it/sse.