We have the pleasure to host at LUIMO in Naples, next thusday 27 of September 2016, from 5 to 7 p.m.  dr. Jeremy Sherr for a short seminar on his experience in provings and in AIDS clinics.  

The seminar is open and free. Please comunicate your participation at +39 081.761.47.07. 

Jeremy Sherr was born in South Africa and grew up in Israel. He began formal homeopathic study in 1980 at the College of Homoeopathy, London. He simultaneously completed a degree in Acupuncture at the International College of Oriental Medicine. Jeremy has taught in most of the British schools of homeopathy and began the Dynamis School in 1986. He has taught the Dynamis curriculum in England, Ireland, Holland, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Israel, Canada, and throughout the United States. Jeremy has also taught in Spain, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, China, Russia, India, Japan, South Africa, and Australia. He maintains busy practices in London, Tel Aviv, and New York.

He is the author of numerous homeopathy textbooks and journal articles and has proved 32 new homeopathic remedies. His latest book is Dynamic Materia Medica: Syphilis, a Study of the Syphilitic Miasm through Remedies. He is currently working on a book on the Noble gases. Recently, he released The Dynamic Case Taker, a new software program for homeopaths to assist in the entire homeopathic process from casetaking to perceiving what is to be cured in a case, analysis, synthesis and case management. He is also the Author of Q-Rep, the repertory of Mental Qualities. He has co-authored a study on the non-local effects of provings, conducted a study of homeopaths recognising a remedy from its proving symptoms.

During the last 18 months Jeremy has been working in Tanzania on his project ‘Homeopathy for Health in Africa’ treating AIDS patients and researching the genus epidemicus. For full details of this please see the website: www.dynamis.edu. The website has a resource listing of new provings and information about The Dynamis School and new courses.