Dear colleagues and friends,

I would like to close this congress with a subject Mr. Christian Boiron stressed in his presentation, wich was actually the first lecture we heard at this congress.

Mr. Boiron talked to us about the different villages, towns and regions in the "land of homeopathy" and that "finally we all speak the same language".
Mr. Boiron considers us to be one big family, including all directions and ways we know of applying homeopathy in practice.

Of course we do agree with the concept of family when we talk e.g. about the intention we all have as medical doctors to improve the health of our patients or to defend homeopathy against unnecessary attacks from inside and outside of our homeopathic world, or if we talk about the quality of our remedies.

And as president of the LMHI I would also insist that the concept of family meets the main purposes of the Liga –which are according to her statutes:

* the development and securing of homeopathy worldwide, and
* the creation of a link among licensed homeopaths with medical diplomas...

But returning once more to the concept of family, I would strongly insist about the fact, that all families need a STRUCTURE and as parents we all know that families without a clear educational concept don´t function and have a quiet a big chance to end up with insecurity, anxieties or even anarchy of our children. It means that several or different educational concepts or languages in one family, as Christian Boiron told us, are not only misleading the family members but also disturbing and impeeding a healthy development of the family itself.

What does that mean for us, the homeopathic medical community- or the one big homeopathic family ?

To ensure the acceptance of homeopathy in the public, to ensure the integration of homeopathy in public health care systems and to ensure positive discussions with health authorities concerning the future of homeopathic medicine, and refering to this congress I would say even for all further scientific challenges concerning provings and clinical verification of symptoms we will have to confront in future..., for all those purposes we do need the highest possible level of homeopathic training for each homeopathic medical doctor worldwide.

Good quality of homeopathic practice has to be ensured by good international teaching guidelines according to the principles Hahnemann defined in his Organon.

The WHO confronted us with a core curriculum which did not meet the needs and realities of many homeopathic schools worldwide. As a consequence LMHI and ECH started an initiative to develop a common curriculum, that means one language, which will reflect the situation of the homeopathic training as found in most of the countries worldwide. This project has been discussed at our International Council meeting here in Oostende, the actual state of development of this project has been approved and I am sure we will be able –in collaboration with the ECH- to present in the near future a first draft of this curriculum.

This curriculum will be put in practice not only as a fundament for future discussions with WHO –but much more it will be the one and only programme or framework for a full homeopathic training we as homeopathic medical community will offer in the future.

Worldwide valid examination standards, compulsory refresher courses, Continuing Homeopathic Medical Education in all international homeopathic medical associations will also contribute to ensure good quality of homeopathic practice.

These are the needs of the homeopathic family at this moment and in the future.

To conclude:

the structure the Liga offers to the homeopathic world is not only a link among homeopathic medical doctors, but much more it offers the necessary structures for a strong development of the homeopathic community for all future challenges we have to confront and to secure homeopathy worldwide for later generations and all this according to the Resolution on Homeopathy of the LMHI which means:

"Homeopathy is a medical system and is defined by the application of the principals, the principal of similars being the leading one- and procedures as described by its founder Samuel Hahnemann in his Organon of the Medical Art."

Thank you for being here, I wish you all a safe trip home and we hope to see you again next year in Warsaw.

Dear Michel, Leon and Yves,

the variety and number of speakers and lectures you offered us here in Oostende was so big and widely spread, that most probably everybody will be able to take something home for himself, some estimulous, encouragement or enrichment for his daily practice.

We heard some interesting lectures, had fruitful discussions at the breaks, met new and old friends and enjoyed the hospitality of our belgian friends....and of course we have been in constant touch with the famous Oostende sea-breaze.

Michel, you familiarized us with new strategies and statistical tools allowing to reach higher levels of evidence in homeopathy, and of course we heard many lectures concerning provings, clinical verification and the future of our computerized repertories. All that for sure a valuable starting point for further discussions in these areas.

We thank you Michel, Leon and Yves as well as all the members of the organizing team of this congress, for your hospitality and for a well organized and structured congress.

And to give my words some EVIDENCE we want to thank you with a little present.