The Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) report on homeopathy (published March 2015) is being used worldwide as scientific proof

that homeopathy doesn’t work. An Ombudsman challenge is currently in progress, requiring NHMRC to answer charges of scientific misconduct, procedural breaches, bias and conflict of interest. What NHMRC never told anyone was that the report they published was not their original findings. It was a second attempt. The first report they produced was never published.

Release the First Report – campaign

The ongoing campaign to challenge the Australian report has now entered a new phase with the launch of an international campaign, Release the First Report, that aims to put pressure on the Australian Government and NHMRC to ‘do the right thing’ and release the earlier review.


Sign the petition calling on NHMRC to release their first report

Do you know that the Australian NHMRC carried out its review of Homeopathy twice?

Do you know that it buried any evidence of the first Report?

The public has a right to know the truth. We need your help!

We need as many people as possible, from as many countries as possible, to sign up to the campaign on

The stakes could not be higher. This report is being used worldwide as scientific proof that homeopathy doesn’t work.

Show the Australian Government the world is watching

As the formal investigation into NHMRC’s conduct has been going on for almost two years, it is time to demand that NHMRC explains itself.

‘Release the First Report’ builds on its sister campaign, ‘Your Health Your Choice’, launched last summer, which achieved huge success, generating almost 90,000 signatures in Australia.

It’s time to go global! It’s time to act!