Sign the petition!. Ask the Health Italian minister Renato Balduzzi to save the small remedies of Homeopathic medicine! A recent decree of the Italian Health Minister Renato Balduzzi, will allow Homeopathic firms to pay 1000Euros per year for each remedy registration. The cost of maintenance of Homeopathic small remedies will be, by that way, very difficult to bear, with the consequence of eliminating them from Italy, or increasing seriously their price.

Signing this petition at you can ask the Minister to ameliorate this decree.

Petition text
To cancel with appropriate amendments a law that will allow most of the homeopathic remedies to disappear.

Sir, Ministro Balduzzi,
As You very well know, Homeopathic Medicine is a Medicine adapted to the individual person so that a single prescription can be very specific for active substance, concentration and dosages. It is an individualized medicine. For this reason, some of the remedies that presently are on the market in Italy, are prescribed in a very limited number, from some dozens to some hundreds per year, to those that need them. Many of these medicines are present in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeias of EU member states, recognized in Italy an Europe, and are present in official pharmaceuticals repertories in Europe and all over the world. These medicine are considered officinal products with all the necessary safety guarantees. For those very lowly used medicines , other European states have taken specific dispositions, so that these medicines can remain on the market.
The recent decree 13 of September 2012, n.158,"Disposizioni urgenti per promuovere lo sviluppo del Paese mediante un più alto livello di tutela della salute", will allow a 1000 fee per year per each homeopathic product having granted a market authorization.
This law will have the consequence to make these medicine having a very low diffusion, both an enormous increasing in the selling price, or their disappearance.
Homeopathic associations of physicians and fabricants of homeopathic remedies already have documented the consequences of this decision.
As users of homeopathic remedies, we do not want to pay, in human or economic terms, a supplementary cost, or to be forced to get the remedies outside Italy, through the internet, with the insecurity that this act may carry.
We ask You to modify this law, so that it will be coherent with the specificity of the homeopathic remedy, as it has already been done in other European countries like Germania, France end Austria .
Signing this petition at you can ask the Minister to ameliorate this decree. And please allow other citizens to sign it