On the next  October 24th, LUIMO will introduce its  60th International Homeopathic Medicine Course. In that occasion the mayor of Naples, dr. Luigi de Magistris will attend the seminar.  


Program schedule


Naples, historic crossroads for the spread of Homeopathy in the world. LUIMO and the homeopathic practice in Viale Elena in Naples.

Dr. Carlo Melodia, board LUIMO



The primates of Medicine in Naples at the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries: from anesthesia ...to  homeopathy.

Prof. Gennaro Rispoli - Primary Surgery Hospital Ascalesi - Health Arts Museum Director at the Incurabili Hospital - Naples.


10. 20

The patient and not the disease. Learning Homeopathic medicine.

Dr. Andrea Aversa - Board LUIMO



Greetings from the Mayor of Naples Dr. Luigi de Magistris, the Deputy Mayor Dr. Raffaele del Giudice, the town councillor Carmine Attanasio, the President of Campania Federfarma Michele Di Iorio.


11. 40

Coffee break


12. 00

Homeopathy in pregnancy: the experience of collaboration between the Terra Prena association and LUIMO.

Dr. Elvira Erman


12. 10

Right to health and freedom of informed choice

Simona Molisso, Elected President of the Council of the City of Naples


12. 30

"Homeopathic veterinary- potential and opportunities"

Dr. Natalia Sanna, president of the Order of Veterinarians in the province of Naples

Dr. Bruno Brillante, a member of the Commission of the MNC enforcement of veterinarians in the province of Naples.



The pharmacist and the homeopathic patient interaction: importance, role, ethics.

Dr. Luca Scotto di Vettimo, Ce.M.O.N.



Prof. Goffredo Sciaudone – Emeritus professor of Legal Medicine – SUN Naples


Chair: Dr. Adele Alma Rodriguez


The seminar is open to everyone and is free.

LUIMO, Viale Antonio Gramsci. 18. 80122 Naples. 081. tel 761 4707, email: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.